The founders of Evolution Engineering (EVO) decided it was time for a revolutionary change in the oil & gas industry. Fast and reliable data has always been a driver for success, yet in this key area, O&G had been eclipsed by other industries like telecom and transportation. To overcome low data transmission rates and high failure rates, EVO developed EVO ONE Unified Telemetry technology: the company’s answer to an antiquated MWD market built on incremental improvements to outdated technology. Development and commercialization of EVO ONE has quickly positioned Evolution Engineering as a leader and innovator in the downhole telemetry space.

Critical to our success is EVO’s rapid response capabilities in engineering, operations, and manufacturing, which is a key differentiator that sets EVO apart. EVO follows the development philosophy that the real test is downhole, which is where our rapid-response capabilities allow us to quickly refine technology to a state of commercial release. Our design philosophy is  based on creating a reduced-risk prototype in a short time, responding quickly to the learnings from downhole operation, and delivering as a team. In the aggressive drilling conditions of today’s markets, failures can happen, project scopes will change, and technologies evolve; it is the response to these situations that has made EVO a leader in this industry.

EVO Objectives

Since the commercial release of EVO ONE in 2013, EVO has focused on research, development, licensing, and knowledge-transfer in order to provide proactive solutions for tomorrow’s downhole telemetry and sensor-based problems. EVO aims to be part of the step-change in the industry for downhole and surface rig automation by actively pursuing key partnerships and new approaches that will help bring this vision to light.


To date, EVO has spent over $20 million on new technology development. EVO continues to develop in-house, next-generation communication and sensor systems. Innovative technology is then deployed to the appropriate client base, resulting in positive business impacts for customers. EVO has helped clients rapidly gain market share by introducing revolutionary technology and novel processes into their workflow.


EVO holds 75+ unique patents filed, in Canada, USA Eurasia, the European Union, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other countries. EVO is constantly generating new intellectual property critical to the MWD and directional drilling industry by promoting creativity and an entrepreneurial environment. With in-house, dedicated and novel intellectual property resources, EVO is a recognized market leader in generating IP in the MWD space. Pushing boundaries, and staying on top of shifts in the industry helps EVO identify and manage risks associated with development and commercialization of our technologies.


EVO Services

EVO’s rapid response capabilities in engineering, operations and manufacturing is a key differentiator which sets EVO apart. EVO follows the design philosophy that the real test is downhole, which is where the learning and rapid-improvement response is capable of quickly refining the technology to a state of commercial release. EVO is based on designing a reduced-risk resolution technology in a short time, responding quickly to the learnings from downhole operation, and delivering as a team. Failures happen, project scopes change, and technologies evolve; it is the response to these situations that makes EVO a leader in this industry.

Our Locations

Evolution Engineering is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its office houses the engineers, R&D facilities as well as the operating subsidiary company EVO Manufacturing Inc.

Inpetro Energy Inc., Evolution’s sister company and is the exclusive distributor of   EVO products and has two locations: Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Conroe, Texas, USA.

Meet the Team

The EVO team has a range of individuals with Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate’s, and Post-Doctorate’s all tasked with the goal of designing and building products that deliver superior performance and are highly reliable. Our core competencies include:

  • downhole sensor and instrumentation
  • mud pulse and electromagnetic telemetry
  • digital signal processing
  • remote communication,
  • downhole electrical hardware
  • downhole mechanical design
  • firmware architecture and
  • user-interface development
  • database management
  • physics
  • intellectual property

Jerry Liu

P.Eng., Electrical Engineering Manager

With 25 years of experience, Jerry is EVO’s resident electromagnetic (EM) expert and considered one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject. Jerry has been a key part of two previous EM ground-up builds: one acoustic tool design, and a mud pulse development. Key areas of technical strength are electrical hardware/firmware design, signal processing, and troubleshooting.

Aaron Logan

P.Eng., V.P. Engineering

Aaron has over 13+ years of experience in MWD development, working on four ground-up MWD tool developments and leads engineering at EVO. Key areas of technical strength are mechanical and systems design, end-user functionality, finite element modelling, and innovative solutions in areas of wireless communication & compact technology design.

Dave Switzer

P.Eng., V.P. Operations

With 22 years of engineering experience, Dave has been a part of five ground-up MWD developments for EM, MP and Acoustic Telemetry. His roles have included:  new product development, product sustaining, and field operations teams. In addition to being  responsible for managing the  commercial development of the EVO product line, Dave has significant engineering experience with mechanical and systems design, physics, drilling automation systems, and survey management.

Grant Harding

Director of Change Management

Grant has experience in managing sustaining engineering and change management teams. Grant’s experience in identifying, tracking, and reporting reliability concerns have proven to be an asset for the EVO team. His key areas of strength are multi-discipline communication, product support, documentation, systems management, and version control.

Kurt West

Director of Engineering

Kurt is highly versatile, with in-depth knowledge of firmware, hardware, and product development. With a variety of roles in well site field operations, Kurt provides EVO with an end users perspective, which is critical in the development of the user-interface EVO product lines. His key areas of strength lie in firmware development, operational support, and mechanical systems controls.

Peter Santosham

M.B.A., Director of Corporate Development

Peter has experience in all facets of early stage company financing, commercialization, development, and acquisition. An entrepreneur and innovator Peter’s career is focused on engaging innovation and driving shareholder value. He has co-founded and served as a senior executive in a number of companies with a primary focus on intellectual property based oil & gas organizations.

David Cooper

M.B.A. Director of ARC (Accountability, Reliability, Commercialization)

David is an experienced technology entrepreneur who has focused on bringing innovative technology to market. He has experience in taking firms from inception to commercialization through to successful exits. He brings this experience to guiding the reliability and commercialization of the EVO product lines.

Gilles Pelletier

Supply Chain Manager

Gilles manages our Canada supply chain system and other areas of procurement and manufacturing assembly.

Barry Buternowsky

M.A.Sc., P.Eng., SW, FW & DSP Engineering Manager

Barry leads his engineering team in the areas of software, firmware, and digital signal processing. Barry has been involved with mud pulse, EM, acoustic telemetry, and Short Hop communications in his 14 years of experience. Barry’s technical skillsets include communication receiver design, protocol development, and signal processing.

Angelica Francoeur

M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Director of Intellectual Property

Angelica leads EVO’s intellectual property strategy to secure EVO’s novel concepts while monitoring closely the intellectual property landscape. . Prior to joining EVO, she worked at Nova Chemicals where she was part of the team leading their intellectual property strategy and associated litigation. Key strengths include communication, technical and external business-relations, and IP integration with strategic business development.

Lorne Burrell

Supply Chain Manager North America

With 30+ years of experience, Lorne has played key operational roles in Schlumberger, Extreme Engineering, and Weatherford. Lorne’s key areas of strength include MWD field operations, supply chain management, and manufacturing.

Josh Shelton

Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE) Coordinator

Josh handles all aspects of health and safety. In 2014, he was instrumental in a major achievement whereby Evolution passed our Canadian industry qualification, known as COR, with some of the highest marks handed out by a senior auditor in her career. Josh is a professional in the area of HSE and continues to promote and maintain a safe work environment for our workers and contractors through new technology and proactive response.