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ASTech 2016 Winner

Outstanding Achievement Award

2016 Winner in Applied Technology & Innovation

Interactive, Inform, Immediate


2016 Winner of the Outstanding Achievement in Applied Technology & Innovation Award

Meet the EVO Team

Next Generation MWD Technology

Evolution Engineering (EVO) provides products and engineering services to the MWD drilling market that are focused on innovation and reliability. Building upon its core patented and proven Unified Telemetry platform, EVO delivers  purpose-built MWD products and solutions that exceed today’s drilling requirements.

EVO ONE is the next generation Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tool for use in land-based oil and gas exploration. Its proprietary Unified Telemetry system can operate in various modes and utilizes its proprietary mud pulse valve and multi-channel EM telemetry. With data transmission rates of 18 bits per second and 99.3% uptime, EVO ONE is the one and only tool you need.

EVO POWERED is Evolution Engineering’s unique way of thinking and doing invested in all EVO products and services. It’s EVO’s stamp of approval that stands for reliability, efficiency, novelty, and excellence in one complete package. Join the revolution and ensure your MWD operation is EVO POWERED.