ASTech 2016 Winner

Outstanding Achievement Award

2016 Winner in Applied Technology & Innovation


The Evolution of MWD

Evolution™ (Evo™) provides products focused on innovation and reliability for the Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) market. Building upon its patented and proven Unified Telemetry™ platform, Evo delivers purpose-built MWD products and solutions that exceed today’s harsh drilling requirements.

Since 2011, Evolution has been dedicated to the development of the industry-leading MWD technology known as EvoOne while delivering unparalleled customer support.

EvoOne is the next generation Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) system for onshore oil and gas drilling. The patented Unified TelemetryTM system incorporates our proprietary mud pulse and multi-channel EM telemetry systems unified into a single tool that is under 14 ft’ in length. With an uptime of over 99% and data transmission rates of up to 18 bits per second, EvoOne is the most reliable tool on the market.

Evo Powered is our team of over 50 full-time engineers, service specialists, and MWD professionals who continue to develop, ground up, next-generation communication and sensor systems technology. Our innovative and proprietary technology is then deployed by our teams in Houston, Midland, and Calgary. Working closely with our customers to deploy EvoOne, we are rapidly gaining market share in all basins across North America. Join the revolution and ensure your MWD operation is Evo Powered.