Customers of Evo can have confidence that when they purchase or rent EvoOne they gain access to one of the industry’s most experienced independent development teams and their significant body of knowledge.
With over 25 full-time engineers, Evolution has one of the largest independent downhole engineering teams in the world. This group of engineers and inventors have significant expertise in downhole communications and are responsible for the development of EvoOne – the world’s first and only Unified Telemetry MWD technology. With a strong focus on new project development, intellectual property, and strategic partnerships, Evolution continues to be part of the step-change in the industry for downhole and surface rig automation.

Intellectual Property

The foundation of Evo is a large IP portfolio that includes patented and patent-pending technology in a variety of domains. We maintain 85+ unique filings in 10 different countries and continue to build our portfolio of innovative ideas. With in-house patent expertise and a growing portfolio of technology, you can be assured that EvoOne will continue to develop leading technology solutions for years to come.

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