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EVO Services

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Engineering Contracts

The Evolution Engineering team provides contract engineering services primarily related to downhole drilling systems. Customers of our engineering services gain access to one of the industries most experienced independent development teams and their significant body of knowledge without the expense of having to create or distracting an in-house engineering team. For more information about EVO contract arrangements, Contact Us.


Evolution Engineering believes that the development of  transformational technology includes the commitment and engagement of the right commercial partners. Partnering with Evolution Engineering to develop new technologies will provide you with the unique opportunity to benefit from EVO’s creative engineering team and intellectual property while gaining important competitive advantages. Some of EVO’s patented technologies and potential partnership opportunities are provided below. If you are interested in partnering with Evolution Engineering, Contact Us.

Intellectual Property for Sale or License

Evolution Engineering has a large IP portfolio that includes patented and patent-pending technology in a variety of technology areas. We maintain 75+ unique filings in 10 different countries and continue to build our portfolio of innovative ideas. We maintain in-house patent services and where applicable we will provide IP services and licenses with or without the provision of engineering services. For more information about our patents and patent services, Contact Us.

Projects in Development

The technologies listed below are examples of EVO projects in various stages of design, prototyping, and field testing. With every technology, it is our goal to find a partner in order to ensure we have end-user experience and feedback. If you are interested in partnering with Evolution Engineering to continue the development of these or other technologies, Contact Us.


A mechanical assembly for external MWD highside offset measurement. EVO has engineered a proprietary MWD adjustable alignment housing to orient the MWD sensors with the mud motor highside through mechanical means. EVO HSS removes human error from the highside calculation and provides a platform for MWD self-deployment at the well site which is an important step in rig automation.


A standalone universal communications sub designed to take advantage of the wealth of high-tier third-party technologies, such as resistivity, neutron density, and rotary steerable systems (RSS). This high-speed, long-range two-way wireless communications system delivers data speeds in excess of 200 bits per second 40 to 100 feet above in the drill string to the EVO ONE MWD systems, and then on to the surface.


A high-speed short-range two-way communications protocol that can deliver data speeds in excess of 200 bits per second. This protocol is a means of establishing and prioritizing a communications link between three or more downhole devices, tied together in a two-way simultaneous wireless communication.


A 20” integrated long-hop wireless communication technology that includes an integrated directional package, azimuthal gamma, drilling dynamics feedback, long-hop wireless communication, and large battery reserve. The short bit-to-bend length allows for steering of conventional BHA assemblies.