Evoi products are focused on maximizing the benefits of EvoOne and helping customers understand which key assets in their organization are either increasing or decreasing their enterprise value.  Evoi simplifies the process of understanding your company’s key assets by implementing tools to help customers manage MTBF, reduce operating costs, and maximize your enterprise value. Evoi provides sophistication and flexibility on the rig floor during drilling operations while also providing companies with better tools to improve the overall safety of their operation.

Evoi is focused around the following concepts:

Data Capture

Operating data as close to real-time as possible through the implementation of processes and systems and generate mission-critical information about your assets.

Data Display

Aggregates your data into easy-to-use and visually appealing dashboards so you can monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) and make decisions as quickly as possible.

Technology Integration 

Implement the right technology platform for the right application.  Multiple platforms available, including cloud-based software systems as well as local networks and IOS/Android tablets and phones.