Evolution is pleased to announce the release of electromagnetic (EM) downlink capabilities for our flagship product EvoOne™, the industry’s first Unified Telemetry™ measurement while drilling (MWD) tool. With the addition of EM Downlink, users can benefit from rapidly optimizing EvoOne’s performance and minimizing non-productive time (NPT) associated with troubleshooting. These benefits will bring EvoOne’s already industry-leading reliability to new heights.

Surface Box Evolution Engineering

EM downlink brings added functionality to one of the most flexible tools on the market today. Now downlink EvoOne using EM in any mode – Mud Pulse Only, EM Only, or Full Unified.

For more information on this new feature, read the Tech Sheet.

Feature Highlights:

  1. Zero Rig Interruptions
  2. Fastest Method of Downlinking at 54 Seconds Flat
  3. Automated Downlink Signal Control
  4. Optimize Tool Performance to Stay Downhole Longer

System Requirements:

  1. Surface Display Software – V17.09.26 or later
  2. Downhole ECAM Firmware – V17.09.26 or later
  3. EvoOne Surface Receiver Upgraded to be “EM Downlink Ready” with EM Downlink Hardware
    • Contact your respective customer representative to schedule your Surface Receiver Upgrade today!
  4. EM Downlink specific Surface Running Gear