[Case Study] EM Telemetry in Kingfisher County


Client wanted EM telemetry throughout their SCOOP & STACK wells, starting in the Kingfisher County, to provide reliable transmission of critical data, reduce downtime and maximize ROP.


EvoOne's Unified Telemetry provides reliable industry leading EM, with Mud Pulse as a backup, and the flexibility of receiving critical data on EM or Mud Pulse channels.


  1. EvoOne provided 100% uptime through entire well.
  2. EM Surveys decoded at a 90% success rate in the STACK.
  3. Reliably received critical data throughout entire well.

Formations in SCOOP and STACK Typically Rule Out EM Telemetry

The design of the EvoOne tool dramatically increases reliability which means lower non-productive time and lower risk of POOH for MWD failures. High shock and vibration environments do not limit EvoOne’s operational envelope, allowing the Client’s needs to be met from start to finish of the well. EvoOne has a record of over 99% uptime in the toughest environments. The Client, drilling in Kingfisher County, was able to take advantage of the tool’s industry leading reliability to maintain constant Continuous Inclination; they were able to save time and production costs through pro-active well bore management.

Reliability is King

EvoOne was able to provide 4hz wavelength at a 5-watt power configuration providing a 4 bits per second data rate. The versatility of having EM down link capable EvoOne tool makes it quick to adjust tool configurations and takes less than one minute, whereas flow and rotary down links can take up to 15 minutes. This time savings to the operator can be significant when drilling in the areas like the Utica where multiple down links are often necessary to change tool configurations.

EvoOne Helped Increase Efficiency Throughout Well

With EM Surveys decoding at a 90% success rate in the Kingfisher County, EvoOne was able to dramatically reduce idle time during connections saving 3-5 minutes, each connection, as compared to a typical Mud Pulse survey. In addition to the time saved at each connection, EvoOne allowed the directional team to rely of Mud Pulse through EM challenging zones eliminating the need to POOH for MWD or spend time downlinking to change telemetry.

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